Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Spectator magazine attacks genealogy!

Attention subversives!!!

The Spectator has a classic article this issue (May 3rd 2008) entitled "Sorry, but family history really is bunk". In his opening paragraph, the ever wise Leo McKinstry outlines where he is going on this, saying that "the current craze for genealogy reflects an unhealthy combination of snobbery and inverse snobbery, and is a poor replacement for national history". He continues with the observation that "the belief that there is something intrinsically interesting about a family's origins is badly mistaken", then basically makes the case that the whole genealogy boom is a clever plot by the government and the BBC ("the chief propagandist for the political values of our age") to cover up the impact of modern immigration by encouraging the message that Britain has always been a land of immigrants etc.

Poor Leo...!


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