Saturday, 8 March 2008

Update on recent Ancestry WW1 medal index cards collection release

Hi all,

There has been some confusion regarding Ancestry's recent medal index cards release, in that whilst it was announced as a complete release, it seemed to be anything but. The Western Front Association press release indicated that this was in fact a phased release, and not complete. I contacted Ancestry to get clarification on all of this, and have just received the following response, which hopefully sorts the issue!

Dear Chris,

Thank you for your email. The database “British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920” is only the first release of the collection. It contains about half of the total collection. The records in this release cover a wide range of surnames from all alphabetical ranges. It’s possible that the name you are searching for will not be found in this release. The second release will be coming soon but we do not have an exact date. You can read more about this database by:

*From the HOME page of (make sure you are logged in)
*Click on British Army WW1 medal rolls
*Below the search box read about the British Army
*Make sure to click on ‘For more information about this database click here’ There is a lot of information about the British Army medal rolls, the index cards and the types of medals awarded.

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