Wednesday, 9 January 2008

Plea for return of stolen remains

For several months Scotland's Greatest Story has been researching the family history of an American client called Maureen Marella. During our investigation we made a horrific discovery involving two of Maureen's cousins and Edinburgh University. In 1911, John and William Higgins, aged 4 and 7 respectively, were drowned by their father at Hopetoun Quarry near Linlithgow, a crime for which he eventually hanged. To make matters worse, a pathologist called Sir Sidney Smith stole some of the children's well preserved remains for research purposes at the university, without the family's consent. Maureen is now asking for her cousins' remains to be returned to the family for burial. The full story can be read at the BBC Scotland news website, at


UPDATE: The story has also been picked up by Edinburgh Evening News at

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