Monday, 14 January 2008

New British and Irish Passenger Records from 1890 - Origins

Over 93,130 additional names are now available for searching within the British and Irish Passenger lists from 1890, on The Origins Network.

The passenger records are abstracts of 1890 passenger lists from British & Irish ports with US and Canadian destinations, compiled by Peter Coldham directly from the original lists held at The National Archives, London. The names of over 193,130 passengers are included, and it is believed that these original lists have never been indexed, making them exclusive to The Origins Network. The records include date of sailing; ship's name, departure port, destination port. For each passenger, the full name is given, occupation, nationality, age, and marital status. Three extra destination ports have been added to the existing 11 previously on Origins Network, which are: Galveston, Vancouver & West Indies.

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