Wednesday, 26 December 2007 update

Ancestry has now finished digitising the records at Perth's A.K.Bell Library and has begun to digitise Fife records in Cupar. Already online are the newspaper index cards to both Perth and Fife. A great deal of material at Perth was digitised, including valuation rolls, directories, 1767 and 1773 censuses, and much, much more. Once these have been indexed at their centre in Beijing, these will be released over the next year. The Fife offerings will then follow suit.

Other recent offerings from Ancestry have included their new "DNA Ancestry" service, for which I have written an article for Your Family Tree issue 59 (with a big thumbs up!), and the 'burnt records' series of World War 1 army pensions. Currently surnames from A-C have been uploaded, along with all of the 'unburnt' records. The Medal Index Cards for WW1, which they have been digitising in Salisbury, were completed at the beginning of December, and are now being indexed for the site, so expect these soon.



Scott said...

Hey Chris,

Do you know what sort of things they are digitising in Cupar? Thanks for your help with my McDonalds earlier this year.

Very best,

Scott Wishart

Chris Paton said...

Hi Scott,

I think as much as they can get their hands on! I dont know the full detail, but assume it will be on the same scale as what was achieved at Perth, so valuation rolls, cess returns, all that. Will let you know if I find more.

Happy Christmas!